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Window film is a thin film/laminate retrofit coating upgrade that can be installed to the interior of glass surfaces in automobiles, boats (marine application), homes and buildings. There are hundreds of different types of films available from a variety of manufacturers. Window film is usually made from polyester. Polyester is used for clarity, tensile strength, dimensional stability (retains its shape and shrinks minimally over time) and ability to accept a variety of surface applied or embedded substances (i.e. ceramics, metals, pigments, dyes, ultraviolet inhibitors, etc.)

Window film can be generically described by the components it contains for performance and/or aesthetics; i.e. dyed, metallized, ceramic, (or a combination or hybrid) films and its intended use. The use of window film can be roughly divided into two categories based on intended end use, automotive (to include marine) or architectural [(aka Flat Glass vs. curved glass typically found in automotive/marine glass) Homes and buildings both residential & commercial and industrial]. The two industries are complementary, and many installation companies offer both services. Window film is available from professional service companies who offer products and installation films. There are limited options and sizes available in D.I.Y kits from home centers or auto supply stores. The International Window Film Association (, founded in 1991 provides unbranded information about window film and its many benefits.

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